Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: To Read or Not to Read

I'm a little behind on my Top Ten Tuesdays but really wanted to do this one! It's a combo of two of The Broke and the Bookish's topics: 5 things that make me instantly want to read a book and 5 that make me want to leave it on the shelf. What makes you want to pick a book up? What makes you put it back? I'd love to know! 

5 things that will instantly make me want to read a book

 1. A Pretty Cover

2. A Murder Mystery

3. Spies

 4. Forbidden Romance

 5. Witches

5 things that will instantly make me NOT want to read

1. Ugly Covers - Sorry, not sorry

2. Sportsball 
If your life is surrounded by nothing but sports, then we probably don't have much in common...

3. Dog books - Nope, too sad. 

4. Dense descriptions
You lost me when you were describing the lavish green  hilltop covered with dandelions and fed on by the townspeople's cattle...

5. High fantasy
Pretty much the same as #4. Don't get me wrong I love some fantasy, but if you spend too much time attempting to explain to me a newly created world and I can't manage to image it, then I'm not going to get very far. It can be beautifully descriptive and still be believable, no need to oversell it. 

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