Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Recommend the Most Often

The Broke and the Bookish is on hiatus, so The Gnoming Librarian came up with today's topic! I recommend books all the time. You might even say that it's my job! (Which it is) But I also recommend books to family members, old school buddies, even random people at the book store. Apparently when you're a librarian, people expect you to know a thing or two about books. The following are the books that I probably recommend the most often. Yes, they're all YA (or teen) titles, but seriously, they're fantastic for any age. So go read one!
Sophronia is a steampunk spy, solving mysteries in fancy gowns and hanging out in the boiler room with handsome sooties!

This book will trick you into loving it. You won't have a choice, and then it will trick you some more. E. Lockhart isn't lying about lying. 

This book made me cry for three chapters. But you still need to read it because it's wonderful. 

Teenage FBI agents make me happy. Probably because I wanted to be one. 

Because the Darkling, that's why. 

This is probably the one I recommend the most actually. Because Maggie is a rockstar.
 Like for real. I met her! :) 

Best book I read in 2016. War, love, sacrifice - an absolutely beautiful debut novel.  

A fun paranormal fantasy with southern charm.

 A bit of a guilty pleasure read for me - but I loved this series. It's very stereotypical YA, but dude Jace is definitely one of my book boyfriends.

A book about suicide that turns into a lesson on hope and being aware of how everything you do affects others. So well done, and it's going to be a Netflix series at the end of March!

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  1. YAY! So glad to see so many novels on this list that I really want to read. I've been excited for Morgan's, Jennifer's and Gail's for a long time. It's well past time I read them. :)


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