Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Websites I Visit (Almost) Daily

This was supposed to be ten websites that I love that aren't about books, but to be honest I visit hardly any websites that aren't at least referring to books in some way. So with a little twist of words, I'm cheating and doing ten websites that I visit pretty much every day. Most of them are about books, movies, and news. The majority are social networking. I spend quite a lot of time in the social networking world. It's both part of my job and my hobbies (which are also part of my job because let's face it, I am my job.) So without further ado, here's a look into the daily life of moi.

1.  Facebook - A lot of things about Facebook are annoying. I don't like posting about my political beliefs, trash talking, life drama, etc. But I do enjoy keeping up with my friends and family, people I grew up with but never really see, via their posts and pictures. I am an admitted Facebook stalker (sorry :/ ) and will look through all of your old pictures just like I used to do when I went to my grandparents' house and searched through their old photo albums and boxes of photos.

2. Instagram - Again with the pictures. I like looking at people's lives through pictures. Things that are pleasing to the eye, bring back memories, make you dream of far off places or read a good book, they touch my soul. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. I don't really like when people use it to make money or for self-promotion, but I do enjoy the creativity it inspires in people (and in me).

3. Twitter - Twitter can be silly. It can be used to be mean and hateful, political and prejudiced. But I love the idea behind it - being able to actually read and hear directly from a celebrity (or their publicist in some cases) what they're doing, thinking, feeling, eating for dinner. It removes the paparazzi from the picture and gives a real inside view. To be honest, I use it mostly to follow my favorite authors, just as I do on Instagram. (And this is why I couldn't find ten websites I love that aren't about books) Authors will post what they're working on, if they're having writer's block, if their cat just stepped on their laptop and deleted their last six hours of work, if they're going to be near your city, or even that they just have a new book coming out. It humanizes them.

4. Buzzfeed - Buzzfeed is bad for me. There are quizzes - I love quizzes. They tell you which Disney Princess you are, which man from True Blood you should marry, where you should go on vacation next, what your horoscope says about what career you should actually be pursuing, the color of your aura, and on, and on. Plus there are funny videos about men having cramps and Americans trying foreign foods for the first time, plus cute animals - It's all too much. And I love it.

5. Pinterest - I've spent less time on Pinterest lately (more like 1/2 an hour a week instead of 6+). I got a little bit burned out, and I think I may have pinned nearly everything there was to pin...so I'm taking a little siesta (believe it isn't likely to last long). But Pinterest is great for program planning, organizing, figuring out what clothes to wear to work tomorrow and what scares away spiders (peppermint in case you were wondering). Pretty much anything you're looking for, you can find.

6. Goodreads - A place where you keep track of all the books you want to read, are reading, have read, suggest books to others, make lists of books, and write reviews - yes. Count me in.

7. EW (Entertainment Weekly) - TV and Book updates, what's new and what's up and coming. A good place to check out the latest Oscar news.

8. CNN - Yes, I do pay attention to the news. I was taught in school to check my resources before I call them truth, so I usually check several different places before I will believe that a famous person has died or the world is coming to an end. CNN is one of the least politically biased news sources, so I tend to believe them faster than most and refer to them if I see something posted somewhere else.

9. Pandora - Confession: I don't like having music on my phone or computer. It takes up space. If I'm going to listen to music, I'm either going to listen to a good old fashioned CD, record player (sometimes even a cassette) - or I'm going to visit YouTube or Pandora. If I'm going to listen for an extended period of time, then Pandora is my go to. I don't care about ads. I grew up with 15 minutes of commercials per 5 minutes of TV time. I'm used to it. I'll just pop on the Disney/Broadway station, 90s music, or a little classic rock and go.

10. IMDB (International Movie Database) - I do a lot of IMDB checking. I know I saw that actor in such a such with that other actor, who was it? And what other movie were they in? How do I know them? This is me daily, and if I can't figure it out within three minutes, IMDB here I come. (But I at least try to figure it out first :)

So there you have it! What websites do you visit most often? Anything I should check out? Feel free to leave it in the comments below!

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