Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookworm Delights

(Sponsored by the Broke and the Bookish) 

This list was so easy. I love books, so it was really simple for me to put together a list of my favorite things about them. Feel free to let me know some of your favorites in the comments!

1. Walking into a new bookstore or library that I've never been to before.

2. The smell and feel of a new book AND the smell and feel of an old book.

3. The feeling you get when your adrenaline starts pumping as you turn the page to find out what's going to happen to the character.

4. Listening to an author speak and becoming even more in awe of them than you already were by their books.

5. Finding someone who is in love with the same series you are and being able to gush about it with them. (The Gnoming Librarian)

6. Not being able to put a book down and go to sleep.

7. Finishing a book in one day and being able to pick up the sequel right away. AND/OR Finding out that a book that just ended and you're in love with has a sequel.

8. Being able to curl up with a good book and not worry about adulting - whether you're outside by the water on a hot summer day or curled up inside with a blanket when it's raining or snowing. Both are amazing.

9. Getting home from a long day and knowing that the book you're reading is waiting for you.

10. When you connect to a character(s) so much that you can't get them out of your head - days, weeks, months (who knows) later...


When they make a movie of your favorite book, and they get it right. The characters look like you imagined it, the feel of the story is there, and they don't leave out your favorite part.

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