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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Fictional Characters I LOVE But Others Seem To Dislike

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This week's Top Ten Tuesday was really hard! How do I find ten characters that other people dislike, but I don't? First I have to figure out which characters people dislike? There are a few who are obvious - villains, rivals - but who else? Well, I managed to find some. These characters are often misunderstood, so I hope you'll bear with me as I try to understand them and defend them to you! 

1.) The Wicked Witch of the West (Wizard of Oz)
Dorothy killed her sister and stole her shoes. All the Wicked Witch wanted was her shoes back. Plus she's had enough hardships in life being born green and all! That's no reason to kill her...

2.) Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls)
He was so good for Rory. He got her to lighten up a little, break a few rules now and then, and he spoke her language - books. Here he is making notes in her copy of Slaughterhouse-five. And then he made something of himself, wrote a book, and told her he loved her. #TeamJess all the way. 

3.) Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
I don't understand why people wouldn't like Katniss. Some say she was whiney, but come on. Look at what she's been through! She defies the odds and manages to come out ok on the over side of it all. She's a warrior in my book. 

 4.) Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
So part way through the Harry Potter novels, Harry gets a little broody, might even say angsty. But I think what people forget about when they  are annoyed by Harry's inability to be reasonable or happy, is that Harry is a teenager, and teenagers (in case you didn't know) have irregular hormones that    are messing with their moods. And though Harry may not be a "normal" teenager (normal is in quotations because really is there such a thing?), he is still going through this confusing hormonal pubescence and has never had  an adult he could trust. 

In fact he didn't have anyone at all that he could trust or who loved him before he was eleven years old. Can you imagine what going through the first eleven years of your life - the most important and influential period for brain development - without ANYONE  to confide in or go to when you are sick or have a question or have a nightmare, does to a child? (This would make a good research paper topic) So leave Harry alone. The poor kid has been through enough. 

5.) Ronald Weasley (Harry Potter) 
I keep hearing that in Mrs. Weasley's howler voice. Anyway, Ron gets mad at Harry and (annoyingly) leaves him and Hermione in the middle of their Horcrux search. He also gets angry with Harry on several other occasions out of jealousy. I agree that this is a bad life choice, but Ron didn't have the best home life either. He had love and nurturing, but he was always second best to someone. Plus  you can't be mad at him for two long. He's a goofball. And he has one of the best lines in the series: "Why couldn't it have been follow the butterflies?"

6.) Cinderella (Cinderella)
I've heard people say lately since the new movie came out that Cinderella is very antifeminist. I have to disagree with this. Cinderella is a smart girl who makes friends with the right people (or creatures in her case) who helped her to escape her situation. Sometimes it's all about who you know. She might marry the prince, but he doesn't save her. She saves herself. 
7.) Batman (Batman)
Nana Nana Nana Nana Batman! Batman is a vigilante. He has been known to break some rules in the name of justice, but Batman is a strong individual who sticks to his moral code, and he does it without super powers.

8. Pacey Whitter (Dawson's Creek)
If you didn't choose Pacey over Dawson, we can't be friends. OK I'm just kidding, mostly, but really Pacey was the winner here. Pacey bought Joey a wall. They had passion. They supported each other's hopes and dreams. He took care of her, defended her. He helped her establish the Potter B&B. When they spent the whole summer together on a boat they read each other to sleep. Pacey wins. 

9.) Jar Jar Binks (Star Wars) 
OK I know everybody hates him. And I most definitely do not love him; however, I can at least defend him. Jar Jar was meant to be to the prequels what the Ewoks were two the original trilogy. He may not have achieved that status, and he was annoying, but to the younger generation who watched the prequels when they were very young, he was kind of endearing. Like a pet. 

10. Isabella Swan (Twilight)
And here begins my rant. I know that a lot of people have a lot of hate for Isabella Swan. Maybe you didn't like her in the books or maybe you just didn't like Kristen Stewart and the movies. People say that she's annoying. She's weak. She's the opposite of what a strong female character should be. Her relationship with Edward is borderline abusive. I disagree. 

I read the Twilight books when I was in high school. I was a lot like Bella - nonathletic, clumsy, plain, bookish. What you might have forgotten if you read the books is that Bella loves to read. She's never been one of the popular kids. She's never really fit in. The people at Forks High School only like her because she's the new girl, and they're curious. 

Now let's talk about her turning into a zombie when Edward leaves. If you've ever been in love and then broken up or rejected, you might have felt like there's nothing else for you. I agree that these feelings are amplified in the books, but when Bella was depressed, you have to remember that her friends abandoned her too. 

And yes Bella jumped off a go cliff diving because Edward told her not to. Yes, he told her not to,and she is doing the opposite of what he said. She is not controlled by him. She is not changing her whole life for him. She is doing something reckless to defy him. He told her not to, so she said well, I'm going to. And isn't that what almost every teenager does when someone breaks up with them? 

And beyond that turning into a vampire… Bello wants to be a vampire because she finally found somewhere where she fit in that's what the stories are about. The story of twilight is not about vampires. It's not about werewolves. It's about
finding  where you fit in and becoming your own person. She doesn't turn into a vampire for love. If Edward got his way, Bella never would have been a vampire. But Bella did what she wanted to do. She became the person that she always felt she should be.

I can always keep arguing this, so I'll end my rant here. But if you'd ever like to talk about it, I'm up for a debate any time! 

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