Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top 10 Tuesday - 10 Books To Read If You Are In The Mood For Escape

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I'm going to give Top Ten Tuesdays a try! They're great for blogging inspiration and make really fun booklists! This one was "books to read if you're in the mood for X" and Emily (The Gnoming Librarian)  decided to do escape. That sounded like a great idea. I don't know about you, but one of the biggest reasons I read is to escape real life. I love books that take me into other worlds, get my adrenaline pumping, and really reel me in! So, we made it our Teen Talk topic for this month's video too!

And without further ado, here are my top ten books to you if you are in the mood for escape!

1.) Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Orphaned by the Border Wars, Alina Starkov is taken from obscurity and her only friend, Mal, to become the protege of the mysterious Darkling, who trains her to join the magical elite in the belief that she is the Sun Summoner, who can destroy the monsters of the Fold.

2.) The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Review Here) 
When her grandfather develops dementia, sixteen-year-old Tess, who has been keeping his Montana ranch going, is whisked away to Washington, D.C., by a sister she barely knows and thrown into a world of politics, power, wealth, love triangles, and family secrets.

3.) Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins
Seventeen-year-old Harper Price's charmed life is turned upside down when she discovers she's been given magical powers in order to protect her school nemesis David Stark, who's an Oracle.

4.) The Den of Shadows quartet
This dark supernatural series is full of action, adventure, and revenge. Readers should expect a rotating cast of characters throughout the books, and plenty of intricate worldbuilding, often bolstered by historical flashbacks. Vampires, witches, and other paranormal creatures mingle with humans in plots full of high school angst and complicated romance.

5.) Compulsion by Martina Boone (Review Here)
After the death of her mother, Barrie Watson moves to her aunt's South Carolina plantation, which is guarded by an ancient spirit who cursed one of the island's three founding families and gave the others magical gifts that become compulsions.

6.) Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld
In alternating chapters, eighteen-year-old Darcy Patel navigates the New York City publishing world and Lizzie, the heroine of Darcy's novel, slips into the "Afterworld" to survive a terrorist attack and becomes a spirit guide, as both face many challenges and both fall in love.

7.) Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen
He is young. He is hot. He is also evil. He is...the librarian. Cynthia's best friend, Annie, falls head over heels for the new high-school librarian, but after meeting Mr. Gabriel, Cyn realizes something isn't quite right. Maybe it's the creepy look in the librarian's eyes...or the blood and horns and bat-like wings that appear when he thinks no one is looking. He's a demon...and now Cyn has to save her best friend from the clutches of the evil librarian, who also seems to be slowly sucking the life force out of the entire student body.

8.) The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
Nineteen-year-old returning champion Sean Kendrick competes against Puck Connolly, the first girl ever to ride in the annual Scorpio Races, both trying to keep hold of their dangerous water horses long enough to make it to the finish line.

9.) The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman (Review coming soon)
In April 1812, as she is preparing for her debut presentation to Queen Charlotte, Lady Helen Wrexhall finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy reaching to the very top of society, and learns the truth about her mother, who died ten years ago.

10.) Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
High school sophomore Nora has always been very cautious in her relationships, but when Patch, who has a dark side she can sense, enrolls at her school, she is mysteriously and strongly drawn to him, despite warnings from her best friend, the school counselor, and her own instincts. (Summaries from Novelist database)

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