Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Favorite Places to Read

If you haven't figured it out yet, I like to read. A little. Ok, a lot. And I like to read everywhere. But like most people, there are some places that I like to read more than others. Here are my top favorite places to read!

1) In Bed! I like to curl up under my covers with a little lamp light and read until I fall or sleep (or don't fall asleep depending on how good the book is!) 

2) The Bathtub! What is it about reading in the bathtub that is so relaxing? Preferably surrounded by bubbles and candles - things that printed books probably should not be near...

3) The Pool! Oh, what I would give to be reading by the pool right now. Sunshine, a good book, and working on a tan - That's the life I tell you. Go away winter...come on May!

4) Boating! So, being near the water is essential for my growth...I'm a bit like a plant in that respect. Being surrounded by water is even better! Riding along with the wind blowing in your face, listening to the cicadas song, fish rippling the water, and birds chirping. Perfect background noise for reading a good book! 

5) In a Comfy Chair! If I can't be by the water, then I prefer to be curled up inside - on the couch or in a comfy chair, in the living room of my home office - preferably with my precious kitty cat curled up on my lap.  :D 

6) On the Backporch! By the water again! I have a great view of the pond in the backyard of my apartment, and it's screened in which allows the kitty to play freely and keeps bugs minimal. 

7) In a coffeeshop. It smells amazing. There are lots of crazy people to see. I used to work in one (the one above in fact), so it's fun to see the baristas do there thang. And I can put in headphones, curl up in a comfy chair, and let caffeine soak through my pores. 

8) To kids. It's been a while since I did storytimes for work, and it's one of the things I miss most about working with kids. Introducing them to a story for the first time, having them interact with the story and be eager to hear the ending - it's a wonderful, rewarding experience! 

9) Cleaning and Riding/Driving in the Car! Audio books are amazing. They help things go faster, things like long drives and cleaning (see my brand new vacuum cleaner full after cleaning one room!) Plus, audio books are super fun! You get to listen to hilarious accents, readers giving voice to multiple characters, and sometimes celebrities or even authors will read books! It gives a different view on a story - try it! 

                                            John Green                    Laurie Halse Anderson (behind me)

                                      Jay Asher                                   Jay Asher and fellow librarians
10) Waiting in Line for Authors! This might be my favorite thing. I love listening to authors talk....about anything. About writing, about reading, about life, about soccer games and Mars (see Hank and John Green's podcast)  And then I like getting their books signed, meeting them, and friending them on Facebook and Twitter! :)


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