Friday, December 25, 2015

8 Last Minute Bookish Gifts

So today is Christmas, so this post might be coming a little bit late for some of you. But for the procrastinators out there, those who will celebrate Christmas later, or even for those of you already planning for next year, here's some fun ideas for your book-loving friends and family! 

1. Jane Austen leggings: Found Here                                    or a Tale of Two Cities scarf! Found here

2. A book lovers mug! This one and more found here

3. A honest swater! Found here                                                                    Or this one! Found here

4. A sign showing that you're busy: Found here

5. A book rest lamp! Found here

6. Or maybe a candle that smells like books! Found here

7. Fill the house with books from floor to ceiling with curtains! Found here

8. Buy or make your own bookish art: You can buy it here

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