Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I had to do a little Show and Tell for our Reference Department meeting this week, but since I was home sick I sent out a link to the John Green Ted Talk. 

This is a TED Talk done in Indianapolis by my favorite author (and many of yours) John Green. He begins the talk by introducing us to Agloe, New York, the “paper town” that inspired his novel of the same name. But what I find most fascinating about his talk is the idea of learning communities. When he quit his job at Booklist (What?!) to be a full time writer, what he found that he missed the most was being part of a learning community. He found another in the world of the internet, specifically YouTube.

But what really stuck with me was this idea of how we are surrounded by learning communities – people who not only have to learn, but people who truly want to learn and enjoy it. (Especially when he talks about people discussing Calculus formulas on Tumblr. That’s mind blowing) 

Part of what I love about my library is that we have a wonderful learning community around us: Our various book clubs, craft programs, CPR, mechanics, and loan classes. And I think that we really embrace this idea of being a learning community as a library and as a workplace.

Also if you haven’t watched Hank (John’s brother) and John’s Vlogbrothers and/or Crash Course videos or any of the other amazing things they do (they have a Podcast now too which I listen to weekly), you need to. 


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